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Exodus (Video) Teachings by Tom Bradford

Exodus (Video) Teachings by Tom Bradford

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Exodus, Sh’mot in Hebrew, is, in many ways, another book of beginnings. It is the book of the beginnings of a nation of people who God elected and separated from all other people on planet Earth: the Israelites. And Yehoveh established the set-apart nation on political, civil, and religious levels. Exodus is entirely God-centered; and it establishes several important understandings about the nature of the Lord, most of which we are expected to already have digested as a prelude to studying the New Testament. 

Enjoy the in-depth, verse by verse video teachings on the Book of Exodus by Tom Bradford.  These teachings will bring you the latest findings on Bible history and scholarship, and takes a multi-disciplinary approach to Bible Study that includes Bible exegesis, exploring the original languages, Bible history, Jewish history, an understanding of the influence of 2nd Temple Judaism upon New Testament development, modern life application, and more.

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Exodus Teachings by Tom Bradford

33 video teachings plus a bonus file with all the illustrations and graphics for each lesson so you can follow along with the teaching.  

Use for independent study or group study.

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