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Essence of the Holy Land Elements Gift Set

Essence of the Holy Land Elements Gift Set

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This gift set includes water from the Jordan River, soil from Bethlehem, and olive oil from the Galilee. These elements are from known locations in the Holy Land and make a meaningful and thoughtful gift for those seeking a tangible connection to their faith.

The holy land elements are stated both in English & Spanish.


Imported from Israel


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  • 1 bottle of Olive Oil from the Galilee
  • 1 bottle of Holy Earth from Bethlehem
  • 1 bottle of Water from the Jordan River

These elements represent a deep spiritual value to Christians worldwide. The Olive Oil represents the anointing of the sick in many verses (Mark 6:13); The Earth from Bethlehem carries a spiritual value of the Holy Land ( Mark 4: 8).; The water of the Jordan water carries spiritual values of baptism (1 Corinthians: 12 :13)  

Imported from Israel

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