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Emergency Zone

Emergency Zone StableHeat Fuel Storage Set

Emergency Zone StableHeat Fuel Storage Set

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New and Improved StableHeat Fuel! (50% more efficient!)

Emergency cooking fuel with a shelf life to match your food storage! Storing enough fuel to cook your food storage is so simple with Emergency Zone's StableHeat Fuel Storage Sets! Made with clean burning fuel (diethylene glycol) the set can be used both indoors* and outdoors. Complete your home storage by adding this fuel storage set!

*Use in a well-ventilated area on a heat-resistant surface. Do not use near flammable objects.

*Does not qualify for flat-rate shipping

*Does not qualify for international shipping

Additional Information

  • 20+ year shelf life
  • Multi-Wick design for consistent and improved heat output
  • Compact enough to add to survival kits & bug-out bags
  • Reusable: simply put out the flames, let it cool, and screw the lid back on until the next time
  • Safe: fuel does not ignite unless it runs through one of the wicks. It is smokeless, odorless, and clean-burning
  • 4 Hour burn time per can
  • 4x StableHeat Fuel Can
  • 1x Folding Stove
  • 1x Pair of Work Gloves
  • 1x Wrench
  • 1x Snuffer
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