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Emergency Zone

Emergency Zone Motion Sensor LED Head Lamp

Emergency Zone Motion Sensor LED Head Lamp

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A headlamp is a lifesaving tool when you need both light and your hands. When your hands are full, turning the headlamp on can be an issue. Not anymore. This headlamp has a motion sensor, all you have to do is wave your hand in front of it to turn it off and on. In addition to being completely hands-free, this headlamp takes advantage of CREE technology and only takes 3 AAA batteries. There are even different light settings to help you in nearly any situation!

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Additional Information

  • Motion Sensor: sometimes your hands are not free, and this can lead to a dangerous situation if you are in need of lighting. A headlamp is great, but you still need to turn them on. This headlamp comes with a motion sensor. And if the motion sensor isn’t needed, then there is an on/off switch.
  • Toggle Switch: this headlamp has four different settings; CREE LED, red LED, flashing red lights, and off.
  • Swivels: this headlamp has the capability of moving up and down 90 degrees! This allows for greater visual capacity without being an inconvenience to you.
  • AAA Batteries: don't be bothered with CREE lights that take special batteries. Our Emergency Zone CREE LED headlamp takes 3 AAA batteries.
  • Adjustable Size: This headlamp is one size fits most, as it is adjustable.
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