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Emergency Zone

Emergency Zone Dynamo Radio Flashlight

Emergency Zone Dynamo Radio Flashlight

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Making good decisions in an emergency can drastically impact your chance of survival and safety. This Emergency Zone 4-in-1 Emergency Flashlight not only provides plenty of light but does not need batteries!

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  • Switch between high (3 LEDs) and low (1 LED) to use power only when you need it
  • Crank to recharge - 1 min of cranking (1.5 rotations/minute) give you 1.5 hrs on low and 30 mins on high
  • Bright yellow exterior helps you find your flashlight easier in the dark

AM/FM Radio:

  • Get critical updates in an emergency with the built-in AM/FM radio
  • Adjust the volume for perfect volume
  • Headphone jack available for plugging in earphones and headphones
  • Siren function for getting help in an emergency
  • Telescopic antenna for better signal reception


  • Charge your devices via USB
  • USB adapter included
  • Phone adapter NOT included

Panic Alarm:

  • Panic function for getting help in an emergency
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