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Elizabeth Anne

Elizabeth Anne: I AM That I Am

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12 Original songs by Elizabeth Anne in English & Hebrew that glorifies the many names of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 
Elizabeth's song "Yeshua" is featured in the intro of all Torah Class lessons.

Additional Info

Wonderful music and song by Elizabeth Anne, sung in English and Hebrew, that glorifies the many names of the God of Abraham.

Her desire in making this CD is that you will draw closer to the Holy One of Israel. May you experience the joy of communion with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as you worship in Spirit and Truth. 

12 original songs

I AM That I AM
Holy Holy
Yeshua Messiah
Lord God Almighty Reigns Medley
King of Glory
Praise Adonai
Holy One of Israel
Shalom, Shalom
The Lamb
Adonai Our Lord