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Eilat Stone Adorned with Grafted-In Symbol Necklace

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This beautiful necklace features authentic Eilat Stone accentuated by an exquisite sterling silver frame and adorned by the Grafted-In symbol. 

Israel's National Stone

Additional Info

Eilat Stone Grafted-In Necklace

  •  Eilat Stone & Sterling Silver
  • Pendant:  1 3/8" including Bale
  • 18" Sterling Silver Box Chain
  • Made in Israel

 These early Christian signs; the Fish, the Star of David, and the Menorah symbolize the foundation of the Christian faith. It is patterned after emblems found on a number of artifacts believed to have been used by first-century Jewish followers of Christ, combining early Christian and Jewish symbols!

The rare Eilat stone is Israel's national stone and is named for Israel's city of Eilat where it was discovered centuries ago in the copper mines of King Solomon. It possesses deep beautiful shades of green and blue color.  Each stone has its own unique variance of cut, color, and weight, so the stone you choose is unique and no two can ever be the same.

Imported from Israel