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Deuteronomy Adult Textbook (Kindle)

Deuteronomy Adult Textbook (Kindle)

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This textbook is a serious and in-depth Old Testament Bible study designed for Christian and Messianic Jewish adult groups or individual study. It is suitable for Home Church use or as sermon reference material.

Tom Bradford’s Journey Through the Torah Class series is a revolutionary approach to Bible study. It integrates exegetical Bible study and Bible commentary with a curriculum that is understandable, spiritual, and fascinating, and yet deals with the books of the Old Testament verse by verse in a frank and intellectually honest fashion.
Bible, history, archeology, and Hebrew language instruction are woven together for a thorough understanding of the Biblical texts.

Non-denominational and filled with exciting illustrations and useful graphics, God’s divine principles emerge as relevant life applications for the 21st century.

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Deuteronomy, Textbook, Adult (Kindle)

A companion Teacher’s Guide is also available for purchase and highly recommended to get the most out of the series.

E-book format:Kindle

Author: Tom Bradford
Language: English
Publisher: Seed of Abraham Ministries

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