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Color Me Fit: Nutrition and Fitness for Kids- Imperfect

Color Me Fit: Nutrition and Fitness for Kids- Imperfect

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Color Me Fit: Nutrition and Fitness for Kids is an activity book for children ages seven to twelve that covers key topics in nutrition and fitness. Along with games, activities, and original cartoon characters, it provides information that enables young people to make more informed choices. Its interactive format creates an opportunity for children and adults to share ideas and perspectives about nutrition and fitness. Color Me Fit encourages children to focus on both healthy eating habits and the importance of being active as they grow. Book for Kids with Guide for Grown-Ups

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Additional Information

Bonus Features: Games and activities in each chapter highlighting the information provided; A colorful rainbow that illustrates a variety of nutrients available in food and their function; A pictorial list of foods, from each food group, that can be used to pre-plan meals and snacks; A glossary defining terms used throughout the book; A Guide for Grownups with objectives, nutrition basics and cross-curricular activities for kids that include; arts and Crafts, Drama and Role Playing, Language Arts, Math and Science and more; A section of geometric coloring pages for children of all ages that depict scenes and characters featured in the book. 


Table of Contents:  

  1. Nutrients to Grow
  2. New Adventures
  3. Winning Choices
  4. Making Room for Nutrients
  5. Racing to Win
  6. Pack a Snack
  7. Shopping Cart Smarts
  8. You Be the Judge
  9. A Balancing Act
  10. Water Ways


45 pages

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