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Coghlan's Portable Shower

Coghlan's Portable Shower

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Coghlan's Portable Shower makes it easy to enjoy a shower while camping. Designed to be compact and easy to transport, this USB-C rechargeable shower provides 40 minutes of battery life on a single charge, perfect for multi-day adventures or for showers for the entire family. The completely submersible pump unit has a built-in filter to directly pull water from lakes and other sources without clogging. The kink-resistant rubber hose offers ease of use and makes storage simple. Also great for giving dogs baths, washing off dirty gear, or simply hosing off at the trailhead, Coghlan's Portable Shower is a must-have for every outdoors person.

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Additional Information

  • Handheld and portable
  • Battery operated pump  
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • 40-Minutes of battery life with a battery level indicator light
  • Completely submersible and waterproof
  • Integrated fine mesh filter  
  • Flow control shower head
  • Kink-resistant hose
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