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Cinnamon Prosperity Anointing Oil

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Prosperity Cinnamon Anointing Oil


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Prosperity Cinnamon Anointing Oil

Cinnamon is an ancient spice with a heady, warm and sweet aroma. It was once as highly prized as gold, both for its scent and use in herbal medicine. Invigorating and warming, its essential oil is believed to bring health and prosperity – especially when combined with nutrient rich olive oil. This anointing oil combines oil pressed from olives grown around Jerusalem with spicy cinnamon.

A little bit sweet and a little bit spicy, cinnamon is a familiar and comforting scent . Sometimes called the Fragrance of Life, cinnamon was highly prized by ancient nations. It was part of the recipe for Holy Anointing Oil found on Exodus.

30 ml | 1 fl oz.

Imported from Israel