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Children's Passover Set

Children's Passover Set

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Introducing our Children's Passover Set, specially designed to engage young ones in the rich traditions of the Passover celebration. This set includes a variety of activities tailored to children, making the entire Passover experience enjoyable and meaningful for the whole family.

Before Passover, children can unleash their creativity with a "Decorate Your Own Passover Plate" kit, allowing them to personalize their plate for the Seder meal and a book featuring Yeshua.  During the Passover meal, children's activities keep children entertained and deepen their connection to the Passover.  After the meal, the fun continues with family games designed to reinforce the lessons and themes of Passover, fostering togetherness and laughter among loved ones.

With our Children's Passover Set, every aspect of the holiday becomes an opportunity for children to learn, create, and connect with their heritage in a meaningful way.

Additional Information

Set Includes

  • Stories of Yeshua Book
  • Decorate Your Own Seder Plate
  • Passover Sticker Scene
  • Can of Plagues
  • Seder Slides Game
  • Passover Bingo
  • Plush Lamb
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