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Challah Cover- Hand Woven - Ivory, Green & Gold - By Gabrieli

Challah Cover- Hand Woven - Ivory, Green & Gold - By Gabrieli

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Beautiful hand-woven challah cover in an off-white linen style fabric.  The Hebrew greeting "Shabbat Shalom" is embroidered in 1 1/4 inch high gold lettering that rests on a 1/4 inch wide gold branch.  Near the end of the gold branch are two beautiful doves embroidered in green.  At one 14" edge of the challah cover is a 5 1/2 inch border woven into the cover.  Stripes designed in green, green and gold, gold, and self-fabric add a lovely elegance to this cover.  

Additional Information

Gabrieli Hand Woven Challah Cover - Ivory, Green & Gold

Gabrieli challah covers are hand woven by tapestry artisans in their studio in Israel. Gabrieli challah covers make a perfect hostess or housewarming gift!

Dimensions:  14 inches by 18 inches 

About Gabrieli Prayer Shawls:

Gabrieli Tallit and Judaica art shops are located in downtown Jerusalem and in Old Jaffa. Gabrieli creates hand-wovenhand-loomed tallit sets in silk, wool, and cotton. Gabrieli is not just the dream of a hard-working and visionary man, it is a full-scale home for some of the best and finest Judaica artworks worldwide. Gabrieli is a leading manufacturer of tallit and Kuzari tapestries in Israel.

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