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Challah Cover - Embroidered Pomegranates

Challah Cover - Embroidered Pomegranates

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SKU: HF226

This beautiful challah cover will add a touch of color and distinction to your Shabbat or Sabbath table. This challah cover is made of a light beige-colored bamboo fabric and is decoratively embroidered with bright colorful pomegranates. In the center is embroidered the phrase "For the Holy Shabbat and Holidays (good day)" in Hebrew.

Additional Information

Fabric:  Bamboo

Size-approx:  45 × 55 cm | 17 1/2" x 21 1/2"

This is used to cover the traditional braided Sabbath bread called Challah. The placement of the challah under the challah cover is to symbolize the double portion of manna, the daily food given by God to the Israelites after the Exodus, that would fall on Friday so they would have enough for Sabbath.

This Challah cover is made of white-colored bamboo fabric and decoratively embroidered with bright colorful pomegranates.

Imported from Israel

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