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Ceramic Olive Oil Pitcher (Various)

Ceramic Olive Oil Pitcher (Various)

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This handmade clay pitcher is from Shiloh, Israel.  It has a handle from the neck to the body for a secure grip.  The opening has a small spout for pouring and the bottle closes with a cork.   The inside of the pitcher is glazed and ready to hold your favorite oil.  The jar is created from red clay with a number of different colored glazes, so you can choose what goes best with your decor.  Painted on the front in black is an olive branch. Each piece is handcrafted and therefore a one-of-a-kind.

Handcrafted in Shiloh, Israel

Additional Information

  • Jar size:  Approximately 4 1/4 inches high.
  • Hand Crafted

Jar is handcrafted by Hadas who lives in a settlement near Shiloh Israel.  She is married with 5 children.

*Note: these clay jars are hand made and so the shape and design may vary slightly.
Imported from Israel


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