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Cedar of Lebanon Healing Anointing Oil

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Healing anointing oil.


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Cedar of Lebanon Healing Anointing Oil

Cedar of Lebanon Anointing Oil – healing anointing oil.

Cedars of Lebanon is the strong, fragrant wood used to build David's house, Solomon's house, and much of the First Temple. It was also used along with hyssop in the cleansing of a leper's house. It speaks of strength, permanence, wholeness, and restoration.

Commonly referred to in Scripture as the cedars of Lebanon, this aromatic, durable wood was highly desirable for building in Iron Age Israel. David used it to build his palace (2 Sam 5:11; 1 Chr 17:1), and Solomon used it in the construction of the temple and a palace for himself (2 Chr 2:3-8). He was said to make the cedar as plentiful in Jerusalem as sycamore-fig trees in the Shephelah (2 Chr 1:15). The second temple was also constructed from cedars (Ezra 3:7).

“Then he is to take the cedar wood, the hyssop, the scarlet yarn, and the live bird, dip them into the blood of the dead bird and the fresh water, and sprinkle the house seven times”. Leviticus 14:51

30 ml | 1 fl oz.

Imported from Israel