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Carolyn Hyde: The Latter Rain

Carolyn Hyde: The Latter Rain

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14 songs performed by Carol Hyde.

The song styles on The Latter Rain vary from folk-blues to soft rock and from country-western to classical.  Many of the songs on this CD such as Nothing Will Be Impossible, Out of Egypt, I Will Never Leave You, Rachman Rachem, were birthed while praying over many prodigals. There are twenty-eight Israeli musicians on this CD – Nothing synthetic here – it’s real music!

Additional Information

She has written and recorded many songs in English and Hebrew, often inspired by the Psalms and Biblical texts for song lyrics.

Carolyn now resides in Israel and is involved in the "Tents of Mercy Messianic" congregations. She was a worship leader in Katsir Asher, a congregation in Akko, until moving to the Galilee where she is a worship leader near Tiberias.

  1. Nothing Will Be Impossible

  2. You'll Always Be a Part of Us

  3. The Latter Rain

  4. Out of Egypt

  5. In the Desert

  6. I Will Never Leave You

  7. Can't Force a Heart to Believe

  8. Rachman Rachem

  9. Without You

  10. Peace in Your Heart

  11. Hine Makom Iti

  12. Lev Hahor

  13. One Voice

  14. Choices

 Imported from Israel

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