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Carolyn Hyde: Some of the Best of Carolyn Hyde

Carolyn Hyde: Some of the Best of Carolyn Hyde

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12 Praise & Worship songs by Carolyn Hyde includes a wide variety of music styles for Messianic worship.

All songs are in English except Baruch Ata which is Hebrew and English.

"Some of the Best of Carolyn Hyde" will delight you with a kind of "Chicken Soup" for the soul. It is a collection of Messianic worship songs that includes jazz, rock, Irish and even a country western song entitled, "How Can A Cowgirl Keep Kosher."

Additional Information

Carolyn has written and recorded many songs in English and Hebrew, often inspired by the Psalms and Biblical texts for song lyrics.

Carolyn now resides in Israel and is involved in the "Tents of Mercy Messianic" congregations. She was a worship leader in Katsir Asher, a congregation in Akko, until moving to the Galilee where she is a worship leader near Tiberias.

1. Song of Songs
2. He Put the Law in Our Heart
4. You Got to Move
3. Shavuot
5. Baruch Ata
6. Revive us
7. All the Way to Heaven
8. Listen to G-d
9. Sail With You
10. He Is Your Praise
11. Hear Oh Israel
12. How Can a Cowgirl Keep Kosher

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