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Breastplate with Shin Car Mezuzah - Nickel

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This striking car mezuzah features a Western Wall design with the traditional Hebrew “shin” letter at the top and below are the twelve colored stones representing the twelve tribes that were on the High Priest’s Breastplate.  Also includes is a Travelers Prayer Scroll (Tefilat HaDerech).  It Comes with double-sided adhesive tape, ready to be mounted in the car.

Keep it close to you in the car as a reminder of G-d’s presence and His protection. 

Makes a great gift!

Additional Info

Breastplate with Shin Car Mezuzah - Nickel

  • Size: 6x2cm/2.4x0.8inch
  • Material: metal
  • Includes a paper with the Travelers Prayer (Psalms. xci). 


The Mezuzah is a symbol that can be seen on the right-hand doorpost in every Jewish household or car. It acknowledges God's sovereignty over you. 

Having a mezuzah on the car door, touching it and then touching the lips, reminds us to keep the word of God on our lips as we enter and leave the car.

Imported from Israel