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Breastplate Pendant Rhodium

Breastplate Pendant Rhodium

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Rhodium Hoshen Necklace Silver Color. Rhodium Breastplate pendant height 1/2 inch/1.3 cm. 16-inch necklace chain included.

The Hoshen pendant, also known as Urim VeTumim, has 12 colorful crystals representing the 12 Tribes of Israel. Hoshen refers to the sacred breastplate worn by the Jewish high priest as stated in the Exodus. According to Biblical description, the Hoshen contains 12 specific stones, each stone representing one of the Twelve Tribes.

The color of each Tribe’s stone became the identifying banner colors for that tribe. One of the biggest mysteries of the Hoshen is its original stone composition. Although the Bible identifies the stones of the Hoshen by name, these names have not been used since Biblical times and scholars have been unable to translate them.

Perfect piece of costume jewelry for young ladies. Necklace may vary from the photo shown.

Additional Information

Breastplate Necklace

As for the Tribes, it is as follows:  (Biblical Stone - Stone Color - Tribe)

  • Odem - Red - Reuben
  • Pitdah - Green -Simeon
  • Bareketh - White, Black, Red - Levi
  • Jophek  - Sky Blue - Judah
  • Sappir - Dark Bluee - Issachar
  • Yahalom - Clear - Zebulun
  • Leshem - - Blue - Dan
  • Shebo - Gray - Gad
  • Ahlamah - Pink - Naphtali
  • Tarshish - Yellow - Asher
  • Shoham  - Black - Joseph
  • Yashpheh - Speckled Stone - Benjamin

Imported from Israel

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