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Bread Board (Challah) with Knife, Bamboo

Bread Board (Challah) with Knife, Bamboo

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SKU: HF142

This crumb-catching challah (bread) board set consists of a bamboo cutting board and a stainless steel knife.  The top of the board is constructed of lengthwise slits, so crumbs can easily be caught.  It has handles for ease of carrying. The breadboard is made of bamboo and the knife is stainless steel and has a bamboo handle.  Etched into the bamboo in Hebrew is "Shabbat a good day" (a special day). The corners are adorned with metal plates with a Jerusalem scene.  This same adornment is on the handle of the knife. This is a great gift for a wedding or a new home.

Don't forget to look at our beautiful challah covers to make this set perfect!

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Additional Information

Bamboo  Bread Board with Knife

Material:  Bamboo, and stainless steel 

Dimensions: 18 1/2" X 12

Imported from Israel

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