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Bound for the Promised Land By Haya Benhayim

Bound for the Promised Land By Haya Benhayim

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The story of the first American Messianic Jewish couple to make "Aliyah" (move) to Israel.

This amazing true story will keep you on the edge of your seat as you read about the unbelievable account of Menahem and Haya Benhayim and the journey that God took them on in order to bring them into "Eretz Israel", the Land of Israel.



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Bound for the Promised Land By Haya Benhayim

"This is the story of Haya Benhayim, the seventh child of Jewish immigrants who moved from East Europe to America in the early decades of the twentieth century.  It describes Haya's struggle to find her place in the family circle, her encounter with committed believers in Yeshua (Jesus), and their impact on her life, which eventually led to her renewed faith in the God of her fathers and His long-rejected Messiah.  It depicts how she first met other Messianic believers.  One of these (myself) was destined to become her husband and companion in her return to the ancient homeland of our people.

I too was the seventh child of East European Jewish immigrants; thus Haya and I encountered many similar childhood experiences."

-Menahem Benhayim


  • Forward - David H. Stern
  • Preface - Menahem Benhayim
  • Prologue - Day of Atonement
  • What a Beautiful Star
  • Turning Point
  • A Wilderness Journey
  • Correspondence Course
  • The Voice of Love
  • Journeyings
  • The Fleece of Wool
  • From the Ends of the Earth
  • At this Time?
  • "As Them That Dream"
  • All Things Common
  • Southward Ho!
  • By the Shores of the Red Sea
  • Rumors and War
  • Aftermath
  • Up to Jerusalem
  • Coming and Going in the Shadow of Armageddon

141 pages

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