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Book of Psalms-Pocket Size in Spanish/Hebrew

Book of Psalms-Pocket Size in Spanish/Hebrew

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Pocket Size Spanish-Hebrew text. 


Additional Information

Book of Psalms- Spanish/Hebrew

A mini pocket-size book of Psalms (Tehillim) is excellent to take it along and read its holy words wherever we may go outside of our home. It comes with a side-by-side Spanish and Hebrew.

The cover is artistically designed and it makes a good gift.

 This is a pocket-size 'Book of Psalms' with Spanish-Hebrew text published by Sinai Publishing, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

It is perfect for the individual studying Hebrew as the text is presented 'side-by-side' to allow cross-reference.

*Picture on cover varies.

576 pages
Hardback cover
3" x 2 1/2" 

Imported from Israel

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