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Book of Hebrew Script - Imperfect

Book of Hebrew Script - Imperfect

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This book traces the historical background of Hebrew writing from its beginnings until today, the graphic elements of the letters and basic rules of Hebrew paleography, and the alphabetic tables of the most significant Hebrew script styles.

This informative and clearly illustrated book is a mine of information and a perfect manual for understanding the Hebrew script.

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Book of Hebrew Script by Ada Yardeni from Carta

*Bent & Damaged Corners


While Arabic calligraphy is rightly famous for its exceptional beauty, and Latin calligraphy and letter design - for both artistic and practical purposes - have had a long and glorious history, Hebrew calligraphy has never gained similar attention.  Professional scribes in Jewish communities have been trained since ancient times in the writing of the Sacred Scriptures and official documents, and instructions for the writing of Hebrew letters in Torah scrolls already appear in ancient literary sources, still Jewish society has usually paid more attention to content than to form.

Today's wealth of known inscriptions, documents, and manuscripts in Hebrew script from different epochs and places can serve as inspiration and guidance for anyone interested in Hebrew lettering.  This book presents a variety of Hebrew handwritings found in the epigraphical evidence from various periods and sites.  Part 1 provides the historical background of Hebrew writing, from its beginnings until today.  Part 2 deals with the graphic elements of the letters and the basic rules of Hebrew paleography, including the various factors which influence the evolution of the letter forms.  Part 3 presents alphabetic tables of the most significant Hebrew script styles, each accompanied by a detailed description of the main characteristics of the letter forms.  The last part of the book deals with modern Hebrew calligraphy, the design of Hebrew typefaces, and the factors which influence the harmony and balance of the script.


Part 1:  Historical and Paleographical Background

  1. A General Survey of the History of the Alphabet to the Birth of Jewish Script
  2. A General Survey of the Finds in the Jewish Script and the Square Hebrew Script
  3. Printed Hebrew Script

Part 2:  Hebrew Paleography

  1. The Graphic Elements of the Hebrew Letter and the Basic Rules of Hebrew Paleography
  2. The Hand Movements and the Directions of the Strokes in Hebrew Writing

Part 3:  Script-Styles and Script Charts

Part 4:  Calligraphy, Script-Composition and the Designing of Typefaces

  1. Calligraphy
  2. Optical Illusions and Factors Influencing the Harmony of the Script
  3. The Designing of Inscriptions and Typefaces

 Language: English

Hard Cover
364 pages
8.25 x 12 in. (21 x 30 cm)
290 b&w illustrations in the original size.
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