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Bible History Atlas from Carta

Bible History Atlas from Carta

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Illustrated Atlas is intended for the young reader but useful for all.

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Bible History Atlas From Carta By F. F. Bruce

This profusely illustrated Atlas intended for young readers tells the full story of the Bible from Genesis to Acts.  The 96 maps which illustrate such events as the wandering of the Patriarchs and the journeys of St. Paul are enhanced by a text written by the renowned British biblical scholar, F.F. Bruce.

The work is not only a useful reference for finding places mentioned in the Bible but also a marvelously well-written summary of the key events of biblical history.  Designed for everyone who may be seriously reading the Bible for the first time, the book will be appreciated by seasoned readers as well who will find it to be a highly informative, yet non-technical "refresher course"

This Study Edition, artistically illustrated, Bible History Atlas starts at the very beginning of the Bible narrative and proceeds through to the revolt of the Jews against Rome, taking in the life of Jesus and the beginnings of Christianity.

The easy-to-read text and delightful maps are geared in the main for young readers but are just as enlightening for an older audience. The text by the renowned British Bible scholar, F. F. Bruce, presents an exciting narrative of the story of the Scriptures.

It will be helpful to readers of the Scriptures and all those who wish to visualize the Holy City as it was in biblical times.
96 Original maps illustrate individual verses of the Bible wherein physical detail can be portrayed graphically.


  • In the Beginning
  • The Patriarchs and their Wanderings
  • Moses and the Exodus from Egypt
  • Joshua and the conquest of Canaan
  • The Days of Judges
  • The Kingdom of Saul
  • The Kingdom of David
  • The Reign of Solomon
  • The Division of the Kingdom
  • The Rise of Assyria and the Fall of Israel
  • The Fall of Judah
  • Exile and Return
  • The Rule of Greece
  • The Maccabees and the Hasmonean Dynasty
  • The role of Rome
  • The Life of Jesus
  • The Beginnings of Christianity
  • The Revolts of the Jews Against Rome

About the Author:  Frederick Fyvie Bruce (1910-1990) was a fellow of the British Academy, an author of thirty-three books on biblical subjects, and a former editor of The Evangelical Quarterly and the Palestine Exploration Quarterly.  From 1959 to 1978, he held the Rylands Chair of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis at Manchester University, succeeding such illustrious scholars as A.S. Peake, C.H. Dodd, and T.W. Mason.

About Carta:

Established in 1958, Carta Jerusalem is Israel's foremost cartographic publisher and among the leaders in academic publications.  With special emphasis on biblical Israel and the ancient Near East, CARTA Map Bank is one of the world's largest map collections in the fields of religion, geography, history, and Israel - ancient to modern - with its unique fauna and flora. Sciences, environmental studies, medicine, and other subjects are covered on an ongoing basis, also in popular editions. 

Keeping up with fast-developing Modern Israel has been another major focus of Carta's activities, covering every highway, road and byway, city, town, and village in great detail, many shapes and different sizes.  Touring and special guides to archaeological sites, national parks, and nature reserves are continuously being expanded.

Full Color

Language: English
Soft Cover
93 pages
8 x 10 in. (21 x 27 cm)

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