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Belly Harp - 14 String

Belly Harp - 14 String

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This is a 14-string Belly Harp that is designed to play gently with pleasing sounds and has a calming effect with its gentle tones. Belly Harps are known for both their musical and therapeutic value.

The Belly Harp is tuned to a Pentatonic (5-tone) scale so that the sounds are always harmonious and pleasing. These types of scales are used in traditional and folk music throughout the world.

Made in Israel

Additional Information

Belly Harp - 14 String

  • 14 String
  • Tuned to a Pentatonic (5-tone) Scale
  • The tuning is as follows, with each pair of strings being tuned to the same note:
  • The Belly Harp can also be tuned a half tone higher, for a slightly "brighter" sound.
    F F D D C C A A G G F F D D C C A A
  • It is also suggested you have a tuning key and an electronic tuner to make sure that it is always kept in tune.
  • Dimensions: Height = 17 1/4" X Width = 9 1/2" X Depth = 1 1/2"

Made in Israel.

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