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Basic Hebrew From Alef to Tav (2 sided) Poster/Placemat

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Learn the Hebrew Alphabet with this Poster/Placemat.  Your table will be a great place to learn the language of Israel.  The front side of the poster/placemat has Hebrew letters with the pronunciation and a word using that letter.  The back of the poster/placemat has words to learn that have been translated into Hebrew and Arabic.  

This is a great fun learning tool for kids and adults alike.

The number of uses for this laminated poster is endless.  You can use it as a placemat, for games, and for learning.

Additional Info

Basic Hebrew From Alef to Tav - 2 sided Laminated Poster

  • Size : 11.8x 17.3 inch / 30 x 44 cm. 

Imported from Israel