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Avner & Rachel Boskey: Ancient Gates

Avner & Rachel Boskey: Ancient Gates

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13 Praise & Worship songs by Avner & Rachel Boskey.  Performed in English with some Hebrew.

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This CD's songs have a unique blend of styles and are wonderful for worship, celebration, and intercession. Ancient musical instruments combine Mizrachi (Middle Eastern sounds) with modern Messianic rock and authentic klezmer synagogue prayers and intercessory ballads. Avner and Rachel Boskey live in the Beersheva area of Israel with their four sons. They oversee Final Frontier Ministries, a ministry with offices in Nashville, TN, dedicated to the creative arts, worship, intercession, evangelism and the prophetic within a Jewish and Israeli framework. 

Temple Meditation
Ancient Gates
You Who Fear The Lord
Good to Israel
Yeled Le'Mofet - Wonderful Child
David's Tent
Depths of the Sea
Shalom Aleicha - Peace Be Upon You
Remove the Veil
Save Your People
Give Us Peace

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