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As A Thousand Years

As A Thousand Years

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16 beautiful songs featuring Paul Wilbur, Jonathan Settel, Avner & Rachel Boskey, Elisheva Shomron, David Loden, Israel’s Hope, and many more!
Performed in both Hebrew and English.

Additional Information

Songs in Hebrew and English. Includes booklet with lyrics and photography of the Holy Land. 

1. As a Thousand Years
2. Tabernacle
3. Roni V´Simchi
4. Weep Wial Blow
5. The Trumpet
6. Sha´alu Shalom
7. The Promised Land
8. The Shepherd
9. Heart to Heart
10. On Holy Ground
11. Come Let Us Go Up
12. Ufduyei Adonai Yashuvun
13. Hava Nagila Medley
14. For The Sake Of Zion
15. Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem
16. It Will Happen

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