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Armenian Peacocks Decorative Plate

Armenian Peacocks Decorative Plate

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The beautiful Armenian ceramic decorative plate has lots of vibrant color and depicts a pair of graceful peacocks facing each other surrounded by flowers and leaves. An amazing border surrounds the plate's edge.  Its color and beauty make it a great gift item.

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Additional Information

Process of Manufacturing:

Each individual item is hand made with ceramic clay. Once complete it is placed in an oven at temp. 1000 C until hardened. Each piece is then hand painted using metallic and oxidized paint in order to keep its natural color.   Again it is returned to the oven at the same temperature and finished with fine glazing.

Measures 10 1/2 inches

Hole on back of the plate for hanging.

Made in Israel

NOTE:  Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, a piece may have slight variations, these do not reflect product flaws but rather the uniqueness of each piece.

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