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Armenian Ceramic Single Candle Holder - Blue

Armenian Ceramic Single Candle Holder - Blue

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This single Armenian ceramic candle holder will add that vintage appeal to the home. This candlestick is decorative and useful at the same time and will look good in any room. The handled holder is attached to a small plate, both of which have been hand painted with a blue flower motif.

This wonderful candlestick is the perfect piece to enhance a cabinet, table and room and can be used as a decorative ornament as well.

Bring a touch of art, history, culture and Jerusalem to someone's home with this lovely piece.

Additional Information

Size: 9cm x 7cm / 3.5" x 2.8"

Note: Armenian ceramics are delicate and should be treated with care. Each piece is individually hand made with the ancient skill of mixing and shaping clay and water and then placing the object in an oven or kiln at a temperature of 1000°C until it hardens. The piece is then beautifully hand painted with metallic and oxidized paint, maintaining a natural color and then placed again in the oven at the same temperature. The finishing touch is one of fine glazing.

Imported from the Holy Land

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