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Armenian Ceramic Serving Tray - Jerusalem

Armenian Ceramic Serving Tray - Jerusalem

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SKU: CR104

This stunning serving tray features a wooden base inlaid with two matching Armenian ceramic tiles adorned with a beautiful Jerusalem theme. The vibrant colors and intricate details bring the spirit of Jerusalem to life.  This serving tray is a great addition to your serve ware and will make any occasion special.

Surprise someone special with this thoughtful masterpiece from the Holy Land, a perfect representation of the rich heritage and beauty of Jerusalem.

Additional Information

  • Size:  17.5" x 6.5" x 1"
  • Wood & Armenian Ceramic Tile
  • Made in Israel

Manufacture Process:  Each item from Armenian Ceramics is skillfully crafted from ceramic clay according to traditional methods in the Land of Israel. Once it is formed, each item is baked at high heat (1000°C) until it hardens. It is then masterfully hand-painted using metallic and oxidized paint, allowing it to maintain its natural vibrant colors. After, it is reheated and then coated with a fine layer of glazing. After this traditional process is completed, the final product is sure to become a treasured part of your home decor for many years to come!!!


NOTE:  Due to the handcrafted and painted nature of this product, a piece may have slight variations, these do not reflect product flaws but rather the uniqueness of each piece.

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