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Anointing Oil and Incense Gift Scent - Frankincense

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This Frankincense-scented gift set contains incense and anointing oil in a roller bottle. Frankincense is the aromatic resin of a special oriental tree, that has been prized for its distinctive fragrance since biblical times. With a host of medicinal properties and an alluring scent that is still used globally in perfumes, this rare extract makes a potent healing oil when combined with natural, pure olive oil.

Additional Info

This gift set includes:

Incense, approximately 2.5 oz

  • Jerusalem Frankincense Incense Aromatic Resin Of The Holy Land
  • This aromatic incense of the Holy Bible is produced in Jerusalem, Holy Land in the tradition of biblical times
  • These incenses are based on a combination of resin, flowers and natural plants mentioned in the Bible and characteristic of the Holy Land

Roller bottle of anointing oil, Approximately 10 ml 

  • Made in the Holy Land of the Bible by local perfumers using natural virgin olive oils
  • Sourced from Galilee, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem
  • Attractively packaged

Our anointing oil is a tool for prayer that can be used anytime or place for setting apart the kingdom of God.  Use of fragrant anointing oil or balm during daily prayer offers a lingering reminder and encouragement that Jesus is always near.

Imported From Israel