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Aluminum Leaves Travel Candle Holders (Various Colors)

Aluminum Leaves Travel Candle Holders (Various Colors)

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Away for Shabbat? Bring these beautiful travel leaf candlesticks for Sabbath (Shabbat) wherever you are. 

Since the times after the Temple, people have been using candlesticks and traveling around the world. Now with a modern twist, these Sabbath (Shabbat) candlesticks can bring in the Sabbath peace wherever you are. Inscribed on the top is “Shabbat Kodesh” (Holy Shabbat [Sabbath]) in Hebrew. The interlocking design makes them easy to fit in your suitcase and is made of aluminum for easy cleaning. These travel candle holders allow the opportunity for a peaceful, personalized Sabbath (Shabbat) all around the world.

Great for your favorite traveler or student!

Additional Information

Holds standard tealights

Available in green/silver and red/silver.

Size: 3.2" X 0.8" / 8 cm X 2 cm

Imported from the Holy Land

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