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Aaronic Blessing Tile Papercut Artwork

Aaronic Blessing Tile Papercut Artwork

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Bring a piece of Israel into your home with this unique papercut. The art piece features the Aaronic Blessing in Hebrew and English with beautiful floral tile encompassing the words.

The English Aaronic blessing wraps around the piece's border while the Hebrew blessing resides in the center of the papercut. Its elegant yellow-gold color and shiny finish give the art a refined and sophisticated look.

Best of all, the backdrop is interchangeable and ready to be framed, allowing you to make the art your own. Match the backdrop to your kitchen, dining room, or entryway color!

Made in Israel.

Additional Information

  • Papercut Dimensions: 8"x 11 1/4"

Grace Alon is an Israeli artist who enjoys creating traditional papercutts based on Hebrew scripture. Her pieces incorporate both Hebrew and English into the art, as well as Israeli motifs such as pomegranates and palm trees.

When her hand cut pieces began to grow in popularity, Grace began using laser cutting to meet her clients needs. Grace continues to hand design the artworks, but now partners with a local family business to produce the laser cuts. Grace often gives employment to women in need by allowing these women to assemble her papercuts. By doing so, Grace provides both income and a calming activity to mothers who are unable to work. Grace furthers her out reach to the community of Israel by sourcing all materials used in her art directly from the country of Israel.

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