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Aaronic Blessing Spanish/Hebrew Print by Gitit

Aaronic Blessing Spanish/Hebrew Print by Gitit

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Aaronic Blessing, hand-made Scriptural Art print by messianic artist Gitit Ezagouri. Spanish/Hebrew

Jehova’ te bendiga, y te guarde; Jehova’ haga resplandecer su rostos sobre ti, y tenga de ti misericordia; Yehova’ alce sobre ti su rostro, y ponga en ti paz.

Print of a watercolor painting of the Aaronic blessing (Numbers 6:22-27), printed on a thick cream quality paper.

Size: Medium : 10 5/8" x 8 5/8" ; Large: 16 7/8" X 12"

Made in Israel.

Additional Information

  • Print on Textured Heavy Weight Card Stock

Gitit Ezagouri was born and raised in Israel. A graphic designer engaged in art for a long time, she combines her love for the word of God with drawing & personal interpretation. She believes in the power within Bible verses that can excite, encourage and deeply touch people's hearts. Gitit’s unique drawing style is characterized by the use of vivid colors and attention to small details.

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