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10" Grafted-In Solid Brass Menorah

10" Grafted-In Solid Brass Menorah

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This is a solid brass menorah decorated with the Grafted-In symbol on its stem. The menorah is the oldest symbol dating back to the tabernacle in the wilderness. This beautiful brass menorah is the perfect size for any room. It is a wonderful way to honor the menorahs from the Temple times.

10" tall with 7.5" branch width

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Additional Information

8" Grafted-In Brass Menorah

  • 10 inches tall with 7.5-inch branch width
  • Inner cup diameter approximately 1 inch
  • Imported from Israel
  • The Grafted In Symbol is one of the earliest known Christian symbols. This combined Menorah, Star of David and Fish, represent the unity and common roots of Judaism and Christianity. It was first discovered in a small assembly room on Mount Zion; 3 rd Century A.D. In Romans, Paul speaks about the natural olive tree of Israel and the grafting in of gentile believers into the olive tree.

    The Menorah once graced the Tabernacle as the children of Israel had traveled through the Sinai desert. It stood as a great monument in both the First and Second Temples.

    **Please note: There are many different types of Menorahs and many different types of candles. However, there are techniques that can help you fit the two.

    1.     If the diameter of the candle is larger than the Menorah's candle holder then you may try whittling a bit off the base of the candle so it will fit. Please keep in mind that this tip will not work if the candles are significantly larger than the candle holder.

    2.     If the candle is too small then try heating the base of the candle using a small flame from a “Lighter” or another candle and when the base begins to melt insert it into the menorah's candle holder and press lightly for a few seconds until it sticks.

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