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For Zion's Sake I Will Not Be Silent

For Zion's Sake I Will Not Be Silent

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17 song album features powerful praise & worship songs in both English & Hebrew is inspired by Isaiah 62:1.

Along with the CD there is a DVD featuring the Holocaust Remembrance Anthem, "The Forgotten People" by Ted Pearce.

Various Artists: Ted Pearce, Evan Levine, Kathy Shooster, Karen Davis, and many others. 

Additional Information

From the producers of internationally acclaimed event albums ADONAI and ELOHIM!   this album features 17 powerful praise & worship songs, including the emotionally moving holocaust remembrance anthem, "The Forgotten People" on both the CD and the included DVD.

Title Media  --  Artist
1. Shalom -- Ted Pearce
2. May The God Of Israel Reign -- Evan Levine
3. Your Name -- Zemer Levav
4. For Zion's Sake- I Will Not Be Silent -- Ted Pearce
5. The Forgotten People -- Ted Pearce
6. Never Again! -- Jobst Bittner
7. Remembrance -- Yochanan Ben Yehuda
8. Psalm 91 -- Jordan Marcellino
9. Lead Me -- Zemer Levav
10. From The Rising Of The Sun -- Kathy Shooster
11. The Remnant Of Israel -- Meha Shamayim
12. Kadosh -- Heartsville
13. Shabbat Shleva -- Meha Shamayim
14. Wherever You Go (The Vow) -- Rachel Washington
15. Adonai El Shaddai -- LAMB
16. Ata Tzuri (You Are My Rock) -- Karen Davis
17. Shelter -- Kathy Shooster
18. The Aaronic Blessing -- Evan Levine
19. May The Lord Bless You -- Meha Shamayim

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