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"Yeshua" Hebrew Name Necklace

"Yeshua" Hebrew Name Necklace

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This is a pretty and stylish necklace that says "Yeshua" in Hebrew which is "Jesus" in English. In the Old Testament, five persons and one city have the name Yeshua, usually transliterated as "Jeshua" or "Jeshuah." In the New Testament, the name was brought over into Greek and then into English as "Jesus."
It means 'Y-H-V-H (God) saves."

If you are looking for that perfect necklace to show your dedication to our Savior, this is the necklace for you!

Whether for yourself or someone you love, it is a perfect gift for everyone.

Additional Information

Sterling Silver Necklace "Yeshua"

Size: 5/8" (total length of letters)

Chain: 16" (approximately)

925 Silver

Imported from Israel

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