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Tzedakah (Charity) Pocketbook-Dark Blue with Silver Thread

Tzedakah (Charity) Pocketbook-Dark Blue with Silver Thread

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SKU: HF380

This tzedakah is a zippered, dark blue velvet bag. It has the word "tzedakah" embroidered on the front in silver thread.

"Tzedakah" is the Hebrew word for the acts that we call "charity" in English: giving aid, assistance, and money to the poor and needy or to other worthy causes. However, the nature of tzedakah is very different from the idea of charity.

Sharing with others is the just thing to do.

Additional Information

Tzedakah Charity Bag

The sages teach that the world was built upon kindness. Tzedakah goes one step beyond. Literally translated as “justice” or “righteousness,” tzedakah tells us that sharing what we have with others isn't something special. It's the honest and just thing to do.

Size:  4.5" x 4"

Imported from Israel



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