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Travel Menorah/Chanukiah/Sabbath

Travel Menorah/Chanukiah/Sabbath

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Going away for Sabbath, Passover, or Hanukkah? Traveling around the world? Take this beautifully colored, travel menorah wherever you are for these joyous holidays!

Smooth and sleek this travel menorah will fit in any piece of luggage to help in the celebration of the wonderful holiday of Passover or Hanukkah.

This 10-piece absolutely unique travel menorah/chanukiah can be assembled and laid out in an almost infinite number of ways to create a charming menorah for the holidays! Comes with a black carrying bag.  

Made of aluminum, it’s easy to clean and light to carry. This endearing menorah will be sure to inspire all who gaze on its simple modern style.

Perfect gift for the traveler or student you know!

Additional Information

Stackable Travel Menorah/Chanukiah

Size when stacked 4" H and 1 1/4" W

Cup Diameters: 3/8" (9 mm)

Material:  Anodized Aluminum

2 each of colors:  silver, grey, pink (slightly faded), brick red, medium blue

Made in Israel:

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