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Romans (Video) Teaching by Tom Bradford

Romans (Video) Teaching by Tom Bradford

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Enjoy the in-depth video teachings on the Book of Romans by Tom Bradford.  These teachings will bring you the latest findings on Bible history and scholarship, and takes a multi-disciplinary approach to Bible Study that includes Bible exegesis, exploring the original languages, Bible history, Jewish history, an understanding of the influence of 2nd Temple Judaism upon New Testament development, modern life application, and more. 

36 Video Teachings - MP4 Flash Drive

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What I’m preparing you for, then, is an all-out re-examination on the meaning of the Book of Romans. Or better, an in-depth cross-examination of what so many acclaimed and lettered scholars have said about the Book of Romans, and have faced little opposition or push-back until now. What we are going to do is to blast through the institutional blockades that warn “go no farther” when acknowledging Paul’s Jewishness. Blockades that have been erected on a road that represents the troubling nuances presented by the so-called new perspective on Paul. Blockades that do nothing but what Dunn readily admits “condemns the interpretation of Paul to confusion and contradiction”.

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