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Ready Hour

Ready Hour Case Pack: Freeze-Dried Corn (48 Servings/6 Pack)

Ready Hour Case Pack: Freeze-Dried Corn (48 Servings/6 Pack)

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The Ready Hour Freeze Dried products lock in all the quality to make your food as fresh as day one. Our corn requires no freezer or fridge.  Don't go hungry or lose vitamins and minerals when you need the energy to survive any emergency situation.  You can store our product for up to 30 years unopened, and one year once you open the can. Store it in a cool, dry location where temperatures stay between 55 and 75 degrees for optimal longevity. 

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Additional Information

  •  packages are resealable
  • zipper-top
  • heavy-duty 4-layer pouches 
  • oxygen absorbers inside to extend shelf life
  •  use what you want and store up the rest
  • once you’ve opened a package it is good for up to a year 
  • ready Hour Freeze Dried Corn is proudly made in the USA
  • weigh 1.6 pounds
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