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Quinoa Mix

Quinoa Mix

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Embark on a flavorful culinary journey with this tantalizing quinoa mix inspired by the vibrant Jerusalem Market in Israel. This exquisite blend combines nourishing quinoa, earthy mushrooms, aromatic onions, and a medley of dried vegetables and spices.

Sourced from the Jerusalem Market, this quinoa mix captures the flavors of the region, allowing you to experience the culinary traditions and cultural richness of the region. It is a versatile and convenient addition to your kitchen, as it can be enjoyed as a standalone dish, used as a side or salad ingredient, or incorporated into various recipes to elevate their nutritional value and taste.

Additional Information

  • Ingredients:  Mushrooms, onions, dried vegetables, spices
  • Made in Israel

Directions:  Add 1 TBS olive oil to a pan and fry quinoa mix for 305 minutes until golden.  Add 1/2 of a tomato finely diced and 1 grated carrot, along with 1 1/2 cups boiling water and cook for 20 minutes on low heat or until done.  Stir occasionally.

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