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Queen of Sheba Perfume & Floral Scarf Set

Queen of Sheba Perfume & Floral Scarf Set

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This wonderful gift set is the perfect something for yourself or another.  The Israeli-made perfume represents a time-honored and celebrated tradition and this Queen of Sheba perfume is based on a combination of flowers and plant essences mentioned in the Bible. The bottle is inspired by ancient perfume bottles found in archaeological digs in the Holy Land. Paired with the beautiful scarf that features a floral design, this truly is a wonderfully paired match.

Together this set makes an amazing gift for yourself or someone else.

Additional Information

Together this perfume and scarf set makes a perfect gift.

Set Includes:
1 - Queen of Sheba Perfume 50 ml/1.7 fl oz
1 - Floral scarf in white and deep tans (approx. 72" x 28" not including fringe)

Imported from Israel

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