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Pomegranate Dual Crystal 3D Pomegranate Necklace

Pomegranate Dual Crystal 3D Pomegranate Necklace

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SKU: JN683

This elegant and sophisticated pomegranate necklace is a beautifully crafted piece that is timeless. The pendant showcases a unique sterling silver pomegranate, adorned with intricate vine-like designs molded into the pomegranate itself. To enhance its appeal, two eye-catching red crystals have been placed on either side of the pendant.  This pendant hangs gracefully on a sterling silver chain, completing the necklace's overall beauty and elegance.

As one of the Biblical Seven Species of Israel, the pomegranate represents abundance, virtue, and health. This necklace will make a meaningful gift for someone special or a great addition to your own jewelry collection. 

Imported from Israel!

Additional Information

  • .925 Sterling Silver 
  • Chain Length: 22"
  • Pendant:  1.5"
  • Imported from Israel 
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