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‘Lion of Judah’ Painted Yemenite Shofar

‘Lion of Judah’ Painted Yemenite Shofar

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This unique shofar is hand-painted in Israel and measures 39" which makes it easy to display as an elegant focal point in any room. The shofar is hand painted by renowned Israeli artist Sarit Romano with enamel colors, then finished with a lacquer to preserve its beauty.   The shofar features a stunning face of a lion and the words "Lion of Judah" written on one side of the twist in gold letters. This is a unique shofar with a number and is part of a limited edition.

Size: 39"

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Additional Information

  • Size: 39 inches
  • Handpainted by Israeli artist Sarit Ramano
  • Limited Edition: 36/100
  • Made in Israel

*Please note that each shofar is unique due to the nature of the product- your shofar may vary slightly in color and shape from what you see in the image.


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