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Jerusalem Cross Pull Apart Butterfly Necklace w/Black Onyx Stones

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This amazing Jerusalem cross necklace opens to form butterflies. Sterling silver Jerusalem cross necklace with black onyx stones. Based on the legends of the convertible jewelry worn by the Moreno Jews (forced converts during the time of the Spanish Inquisition), this necklace converts to a line of small, sparkling butterflies.

Additional Info

Sterling silver Jerusalem pull-apart cross necklace with black onyx stones.

Christian symbols are moving declarations of faith in the ministry of Jesus Christ. The most widely known symbol of Christianity is the Cross.  The Jerusalem Cross consists of one large square cross and four smaller crosses. The main cross represents Christ and Jerusalem, the beginning and center of Christianity. The four smaller crosses symbolize the four books of the Gospel and the spreading of the Word from Jerusalem to the four corners of the earth. 

Length:  18" long closed; 20" long opened

Made in Israel