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"Is anything too hard for the Lord" Necklace

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"Is anything too hard for the Lord..." Gen. 18:14 in Hebrew.

Yeshua's crown reigns over the globe with the map of Israel depicted beneath.  Written in Hebrew on the crown is "Yeshua" (Jesus) and the letters are accented in gold plating. Written in Hebrew on the globe is " Is anything too hard for the Lord".  

Wear this necklace and always remember that nothing is too hard for our Lord.

Additional Info

Is Anything too Hard for the Lord - Silver and Gold Necklace

  • Sterling Silver & Gold Accents
  • Pendant Approx:   1 inch across
  • Chain:  18 in. chain
  • Hand-Crafted Jewelry
  • Inspired by Genesis 18:14

Hand crafted in Israel by Yemenite jewelry artist Tikvah Ratson Cohen. Tikvah is a Jewish believer in Jesus (Yeshua) and is of Yemenite descent.  Her inspiration and desire to craft jewelry come from the Lord and His Scriptures. A significant amount of thought and prayer goes into each design.

**Please note:  this is a handmade item and slight variations can occur.

Imported from Israel