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Flower Necklace

Flower Necklace

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Fall into spring with our falling flower necklace. This sterling silver is made from two sterling silver flowers. Each flower has six petals. Each of the petals consists of a ring joined to the center that is embellished with a delicate spiral that supports a sterling silver ball.

This necklace is beautiful by itself or can be stacked with another necklace to create a layered look.

Additional Information

Flower Necklace

  • Sterling Silver
  • Pendant approx 1"
  • 18" Sterling Silver Chain

Hand crafted in Israel by Yemenite jewelry artist Tikvah Ratson Cohen. Tikvah is a Jewish believer in Jesus (Yeshua) and is of Yemenite descent.  Her inspiration and desire to craft jewelry come from the Lord and His Scriptures. A significant amount of thought and prayer goes into each design.

**Please note:  this is a handmade item and slight variations can occur.

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